Embroidery patches

Unique clothes tattoo



Not even a step forward, since you are looking for embroidery patches!

  • Do you want to be unique and special?
  • Are you a weirdo?
  • Or part of a team?

You can do it with a tattoo (I did it 🙂 ) or you can get a cloth tattoo. With a unique embroidery patch you can express yourself.

What can you expect?

– First, you get what you want. If not all you have to do is tell me, we will find the best solution;


– Secondly, my pricing is differs from other patch makers, but I’m not going to write it all here. You can read about the SECRET of the Pricing on the Felvarrok group on facebook;

– Thirdly, You will get your patches in a bubbly envelope and I attache my good wishes to them.



What do you have to do?

Click on the “Order form” and fill the form appropriately.

Enclose the JPG-formatted picture you want the patch from, write on the exact scale, and of course tell me how many pieces you want.

After this we will have a little email exchange. I will send you the preview of the patch and the exact price, than you tell me if it is acceptable for you

If everything is taken care of, you transfer the agreed upon price to my Paypal account. As soon as I confirmed the money is there, I will make the patch and  run to the post office to send it to you.

In connection with the shipping and any other stuff that may come up we will talk, please note that my tone is going to be “direct/friendly” 🙂

I will be happy because I created something and you will be happy because you’ll get what you wanted. And everyone is pleased.

That is all!


Take a look around. In the Gallery you can see the patches I made for good people like you.

If you already got what you want please click on the “Order form“.



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